Why didn't I receive a Daily Update or Pre-Meeting Briefing from ModuleQ?

Although you should receive 2 Daily Updates each day, and Pre-Meeting Briefings before every customer call, there are circumstances in which you may not receive this content.

Possibility #1:

There is no recent news about your interests

If you have Organizations + Topics in your Profile dashboard, but you still did not receive any news/pre-meeting briefing, is it possible that there is no recent English-language news about these interests. 


If you frequently receive no news, try asking ModuleQ to track a company that is more regularly in the news. In addition, you can add a Topic like "Mergers and Acquisitions" to receive news about the topics you're interested in. 

The news may also be present in sources we don’t currently track. If this is the case, please let the ModuleQ team know.

Possibility #2:

You do not have enough external contacts on the customer call to receive a Pre-Meeting Briefing


You will only receive a Pre-Meeting Briefing if there are at least 2 external contacts on the meeting invite, and if there has been English-language news published about that organization within the last 2 weeks.